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Wednesday, August 19, 2009


I laid out my petals tonight for the pinwheels quilt, with the thought that I would count them to see how many flowers I could make. Well there was so many that I have resorted to just guesstimating (let the petals fall where they may)! I have 20 different fabrics, with about 15 petals of each, and each flower takes 8 petals so.....I have about 300 petals or 37.5 flowers (yes I had to pull out my calculator for that one). A full size quilt takes 56 flowers so I will probably need to cut a few more (about152 more petals) uuuggghhh :( The lighting wasn't that good at my dining room table, it made my pinks look orangey but I tried to divide them up into light pinks and dark pinks so I can alternate flowers on the quilt.
I cut some more petals tonight too while watching my new favorite kids movie "Coraline". Any mother who has ever had a sass-mouthed 6 years old tell them "you aren't my real mother" will appreciate the movie. And yes I am her real mother and have the belly and boobs to prove it! Anyways in the movie Coraline finds another world with a doting "other mother" who is perfect until she tries to sew buttons onto Coraline's eyes. At first I worried it would be too dark for my sassy 6 year old, but it's a semi-scary story told in a very cute/non nightmare inducing way.

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