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Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Things done and undone....

In my ongoing effort to reduce the size of my WIP basket, I have started selecting a bunch of seasonal charts to try and finish each month. For November I did manage to finish Bent Creek's "Thankful Quaker", but put a pitiful number of stitches into "Uber Turkey". See the half finished feather on the right hand side? That was my progress, all of it. So Mr. Turkey will be put away for next November, and I am moving on to the "winter" section of my WIP basket. 

And this is the "done" part of my month, our foster dog Robin completed her convalescence in our home, and returned to the Humane Society to be adopted. Actually her recovery was pretty easy on our part, she had lost her hair due to malnutrition so we just had to feed her and give her lots of love. She did have a beautiful blonde coat, and a funny smile whenever she was happy or excited (you can see it in the photo above). I think she set the record for least amount of time actually spent back at the shelter, she was adopted within two hours of us dropping her off! Most of our foster dogs that we have returned have been adopted within a few days. It still makes me a bit sad when we have to give them back, but knowing we saved a life and that they can now find forever homes helps.


Melinda said...

It is so wonderful you are help rehab dogs and give them a temp foster home. Both my dogs are rescues and they are a most special breed. Thanks from New York for all you do.

PS I also have decided for 2016 to try to reduce my WIPs

Heather said...

That's so great! My aunt does the same thing with dogs. Such a fun way to give back :). Good luck with your wips!

Beth said...

Uber Turkey looks like fun! Keep it up!

Weronika said...

So great job and a huge heart for those dogs! I also have to reduce my WIP pile, but without any results by now :)

Sally said...

Robin is a beautiful dog. What a great thing you do.

Your WIPs looks great.