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Saturday, December 5, 2015

I'm on the naughty list?!?

What do you mean i'm on the naughty list?!?

We tried to get some pictures today for our holiday cards. While my girls were angels as usual, it's impossible to convince a toddler to just hold still and look at the camera. So we've scheduled a portrait studio appointment for Tuesday cause there is only so many animal noises I can make...i'm just going to have to leave our holiday photos to a professional. I do love his expression in the above photo though, doesn't it just perfectly capture the surprise of being on the naughty list!  

And here is what's in my stitching basket for this month. I am debating whether "Winter Row" can be saved, I hand dyed the linen, but had put it away for a few years and now it has a brown spot above the lettering. I tried spot-treating it but then that washed out some of the color of the linen. I almost want to just throw it out and start over. 

And this is a Trilogy design, just a simple checkered snowman, really not much left to finish him up. 

I am kind of winging this one, the letters are from Lizzie Kate's "Winter Alphabet", but I just wanted to make a small ornament of it. Not sure if I am loving it yet, but I may as well finish it now.

And probably the closest one to being done, another Lizzie Kate. All I need to do on this one is add the buttons and stitch Mr. Cardinal's beak. Fingers crossed he finds his way onto my tree for this year and out of my WIP basket. 

Hope everyone is staying cozy and warm! I think the coldest it has gotten here so far is 37 degrees in the mornings, but still that is too cold for me! (I know i'm such a wimp about the cold! Good thing I live in Arizona)


butterfly said...

Great post , lovely picture of the family.
All your stitching looks great, can you place a button ribbon or somthing over the mark . Thats what I would do and have many times ha.

Kate said...

Your adventures of the Christmas portrait was a fun read.
Have you considered 'ageing/antiquing/staining' your Winter Row piece - it would make it look a bit rustic/primitive but the spot might blend in then.
You've got some very pretty pieces.

Lana said...

What a cute picture of the kids!! Love all your WIPs!

gracie said...

I love the picture of the children....

Heather said...

Aww I love that photo it looks like your daughter to the left is smirking at him like "I did it but they're blaming you muahahaha" lol. Your stitching looks great. I wonder if you could get out the brown spot then spot dye some different parts so it looks purposely mottled

Ann said...

I love that picture! I'd use that one . . .

Melinda Forbes said...

We have been surprisingly warm up here in Central New York - may even hit 60 by the weekend -- crazy but true. Love the picture I think it is just as good as any professional.

Always happy to know other stitchers have as many wips as me.

Hope you can fix Winter Row.

Anonymous said...

Toddler Boy is definitely surprised about being on the naughty list. But.....he's just a toddler. I think Santa will take him off the list. He is just TOO CUTE not to. LOL

Your Lizzie Kates are so cute. Who doesn't love a good Lizzie Kate!

Mylene said...

Lovely picture of the kids!
Many WIP's on the go and are all looking beautiful.
Happy week!

Brigitte said...

These are some great projects you are stitching on.

Sally said...

Love the family photo. Such a beautiful picture.

You are stitching on some gorgeous pieces.

Have a wonderful Christmas.

http://www.essay-writing-place.com/ said...

Hey there! The photo is wonderful! The best photo of a toddler posing:) I'm looking forward to see the result of the snowman. I'm sure it'll be very Christmas like and funny.
With a warm cup of tea and best wishes,
Pam who loves Christmas