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Sunday, November 15, 2015

Time to be thankful

Trying to move some WIP's out of my stitching basket before the end of the year. This one is now done, well not in the photo above yet, but I worked on it all last night and now just need to iron it. It is Bent Creek's Thankful Quaker. I loved all the shades of brown/gold in it, very seasonal colors. 

I have also been doing a bit of Christmas stitching. I keep a small lap sized quilt on my couch, and am working on having one for each month of the year. So far I have six done, and it always bugged me that I hadn't made a quilt for Christmas yet. This is a Kate Spain fabric for Moda called Jingle. I'll post a close up next time, but I love the cardinals and the aqua/red colors. Fingers crossed this one will be done by December, I have about 5 more rows to sew together.

And these are my girls sewing with me at the kitchen table. My oldest is 12 now, and has her own sewing machine to work with. She was making a little doll for her baby brother. My younger daughter will be 9 next month, and I helped her make a small doll quilt. I hadn't planned on doing a sewing project with them, I was trying to work on my Christmas quilt, but it is always fun sharing my creativity with them, I can only hope they grow up crafty too (someone has to inherit my stash someday!)


Heather said...

Lucky girls! I'm still hoping to get a real sewing machine lol. Your stitching and seeing look great!

Barb said...

I think it is wonderful to share your love of crafting with your daughters. I think they are doing very well for their ages. Love the Thanksgiving Quaker!

Melinda said...

Some of my most awesome memories of my mom, is her showing me her crafts. This is a beautiful thing.

Must add your Bent Creek thankful Quaker to my wishlist... Love it

Weronika said...

Oh it;s so sweet that you are working together! Your stitching is lovely. Have fun working with your girls!