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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

PEEP! done

So this is another Lizzie Kate, "Peep", finished for my spring shelf. Is it weird how much pleasure it gave me to see it was a limited edition chart, and I have #1113 out of like 1400. I normally don't buy kits, but this one was so cute, and quick to stitch. This border fabric I found at Jo-Anns for 40% off already for Easter sales. And the ric-rack came from Hobby Lobby (which normally is not my first choice for sewing stuff, but they do have a nice selection of ribbons and trim).

And another shot of our neighborhood wildlife. Yesterday afternoon there were 6 of them perched on top of our tame ones cage. Of course by the time I fumbled my camera out they took off. I think some of them must have started out tame and were escapees. It is amazing how close a few of them will let me get. Hope everyone has a great weekend ahead. I will be trying to get my spring garden in the ground, before it reaches 100 degrees and boiling here in Arizona.


Linda said...

Peep is just adorable and I love the way you finished it.


Anonymous said...

Very cute and I love the finish!


Anonymous said...


Love your finish, it's really sweet.
You finished it off lovely.

Great birds photo!

Barb said...

Peep is so cute and the finish super! I envy you starting your garden! We had snow this morning!!

Karen said...

How cute! That fabric goes perfectly with the design.

Mouse said...

ohh that is cute :) lovely finish and the birds are beautiful :) love mouse xxxx

Anne said...

Congrats on your adorable finish! Lovely ric rac!!!

Jenny said...

What a wonderful finish and I am in awe over your spring shelf in the post before - love the fabric you picked out for the PS ornie.

Also, I can not believe that I have missed that you have a greencheek and a bunny - how cool! (We have 15 conures and 2 bunnies at our house.)

Brigitte said...

That's a particularly sweet finish, just perfect for spring and spring feelings. I can easily see why you bought this kit, lol.

Gems said...

Oh I hope you enjoy your garden, Ill be hopefully out in mine this weekend, although your weather is incredible compared to yours - we are lucky to get into double figures this time of year! I love the Easter stitching just brightens it all up and makes me think of spring

Hope you are well

Gem xx