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Thursday, March 1, 2012

Found Cross Stitch

So if you have read my blog for a while now, you may know I often shop for my frames at Goodwill and other assorted thrift/consignment stores. I love finding something unique for a good deal (ok I admit I really really like the thrill of finding a good deal). And I have found some pretty cool frames there. But also while browsing I normally find at least one piece of stitchery among the assorted "artwork". And I always feel a little sad to see someone's hard work and time and love donated away. Especially the ones that have some loving inscription on the back. I try and restrict myself from buying ones I wouldn't actually hang in my home (strangers birth sampler from 1982--yes those ones). But anything else is fair game, and I have actually found alot of ones I would have stitched myself, recent designs from designers I have even heard of. So here is my tour de Goodwill. None of these have been stitched by me, but all have found a place in my home. The one on top is a Bent Creek design, done in 2000 for someone named Kris. Very nice frame and matting, as are most of the ones I discover.

This one I am not sure you would call it cross stitch, maybe more embroidery. It's done on a cloth like material, but isn't stamped. The stitches are HUGE. The centers of the flowers are all french knots, dozens and dozens of tiny french knots. This piece measures about 3 feet tall, and I love that it has a bird for each season. No inscription on the back of this one.

This one was done in 1987 for "Grandma and Grandpa from Sandy". No idea who the designer was, but love the pinks of it.

This one is obviously a Shepherd's Bush design, I love the light green frame with it.

Another huge one, professionally framed and matted. This one is about 2ftx 2ft. The colors are a little dated, but bright and cheery none the less.

These two are I think Sweetheart Tree? Very intricate stitching and beading, and beautiful frames on both. I definitely would have stitched these ones myself if I had seen them finished. Some designs are just "Meh" when you see the chart, but once you see them stitched they are "wows". That's how this designer is for me.

And this last one was stitched in 1988. It is about two 2 1/2 feet wide. Thanks to my assistant my oldest daughter for so patiently holding up all my "found" cross stitch. Hopefully if I raise her with a love of crafting none of my stuff will ever see the inside of Goodwill.


Ranae said...

Those pieces are all to beautiful to get the few dollars they sell for. I always try to rescue them, like the embroided bluebirds that were in old frames. I took them out, washed and made them into little cushion.
I hope mine never end up in a second hand store either.

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...


That's the link for the last one, it's a Told in a Garden Amish design called The Courting by Marilyn Leavitt-Imblum (Lavender & Lace).

I really like her Amish designs but have never stitched one myself.

Well done on saving all these pieces of work.

Barb said...

Wow! What great finds. I never seem to have any luck when I stop at Goodwill. But I won't give up!

blue star stitcher said...

Thanks Jo! I would have never guessed who the designer was. I was thinking early Prairie Schooler maybe.

Linda said...

Wow. What great finds. Its amazing that someone would take them to Goodwill. Congrats on finding them.


Mouse said...

ohhh lovely finds and Jo has already told you who that last one is by ... I keep looking but haven't been as lucky as you ... love mouse xxxx

gracie said...

Wonderful finds!

natalyK said...

Great finds! I hope my stitching doesn't get donated but you never know!

Blu said...

What lovely pieces. They definitely didn't deserve to be donated away like that. But it makes me happy to know that you're giving them a good home.

Anonymous said...


Thanks for becoming a follower of my blog.

Those pieces are absolutely beautiful.

I especially love the Shepherd's Bush one.

I can't believe someone would donate them but glad that they are getting a new home with you.

Anne said...

Wow! What amazing finds!! I'm like you, searching for frames in the thrift store!! I rarely find needlework though, and if I do, it's usually the birth/wedding sampler stuff that I don't really want. So sad that someone put hours into making a gift and then that person "purges" their place and gets rid of them. I get the need to remodel, change the look of your place, but why not keep some of those in your office or rec room...just don't throw them away. I'm glad they've found a new home that is appreciative of the beautiful quality of stitching and time put into each stitch.

April said...

What great finds. I usually don't find cool items like that at my Goodwill.

Michele B. said...

Thank you so much for visiting my blog! Yours is new to me and I'm happy to find you. Your rescued stitching is gorgeous! It makes me want to go out to Goodwill right this minute. I like the projects you are working on, and look forward to seeing more of them.

Lana said...

Gorgeous stitching and framing!!!

Autumn said...

I love this idea. I will have to check our local store!

Dani - tkdchick said...

What great treasures you've found!

Carrie said...

I would be sad if any of my cross stich ended up at the Goodwill. It's nice that these lovely pieces have found a home with you!

Gems said...

Well hun, it is very good to know that al these beautiful stitches are now taken good care of by you, although I could never just give up and of my projects just like that, and the frames are great on all of them

Gems x

Virpi said...

Hello from Finland!

If my work ends up in the sale I wish there would be someone like you to find them =D

I also buy stitched and embroidered pieces if I find them but those are seldom for sale at least in those second hand shops where I have visited.

I add my initial to my works (I didn't do that in the beginning)and my children asks why I do so. I tell them that one day those works are owned by their children and their grandchildren and I want them to know those are made by their ancestor.