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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

A pillow a pumpkin and a leg

Hooray for me!!! I finished my Halloween pillow this afternoon, even with 1 sick kid and another kid home from school on a half day. My three year old sat with me in the kitchen and pretended to sew along as I worked on this. While the sick seven year old zoned out on the couch to her latest Netflix movie. She's not sick enough for me to make her stay in bed all day, but she is certainly sick enough to complain heavily and expect to be waited on hand and foot for it. I'm just hoping not to catch whatever she has.

This is a close up of the pillow. It was put together with an idea rather than a plan for what it would look like. So I kind of winged it all as I was sewing it together (how unlike me I know!!!) I actually decided to skip the charms, as this pillow's place will be on the couch where it will receive lots of attention from kids and dogs who would just turn the cute charms into a choking hazard.

And this is my little bit of progress on Halloween Fairy. I think I can-I think I can -I HOPE I can have her done in time for Halloween. After the other leg and pumpkin are done then comes the beading and sparkly threads. I'm not sure if that will be quick work or just a pain in the pumpkin!


Sharlotte said...

Hope your Halloween Fairy won't be a pain in the pumpkin! LOL. I LOVE the way the pillow turned out and the border fabrics are just perfecto! I'm so excited that you are blogging simi-regularly again!

Robin said...

Congrats on your latest finish! Love how you finsihed it...that fabric accents your stitching perfectly! HF is a beauty and will be breathtaking with all the sparklies added. Hope your little one is better soon and all the germs disappear without infecting anyone else. Keeping my virtual fingers crossed for you.

Blu said...

Your cushion looks so awesome! Great colours in the fabric.

When I stitched ToT I found the cobwebs tricky to manage. And there's a fair amount of beads too. I had to count thrice to get the beads swirling out from the moon in the proper place. (Although it doesn't really matter if they're a bit off, I suppose).

Siobhan said...

Congrats on your finish! I like your WIP, too. I hope your little one is better soon and that nobody else catches it!

Andrea said...

What a great pillow, too cute! Your WIP is awesome...I saw that one stitched up at the State Fair and thought it was gorgeous!
Hope your baby feels better soon!