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Thursday, October 14, 2010

Hello Hello

This is my finish for this month, hopefully this weekend it will be turned into a cute Halloween pillow. Halloween is my favoritist favorite of holidays. This is a Trilogy design, and it came with a charm pack of buttons and charms that I still have to sew on. And of course I ran out and bought extra charms to go on it because you can never have too much bling! I have also started two Mirabilia designs. "Shakespeare's Fairies" and "Halloween Fairy" from Just Cross Stitch and needlework. I will rave about them in a later post as soon as my camera will take pictures of them. For some reason ( I was using my cell phone to take pics) but it cut me off after the two of this project. I am hoping to have the Halloween Fairy done in time for Halloween, she is soooo pretty.
I know it has been a while since I have been active in blog-land. It has been a difficult year. Personally I am going through a divorce and the accompanying move/divying up of stuff that goes along with it. So honestly I have been too sad/stressed to blog. But I have still been cross stitching and now I am starting to see light at the end of this part of my life. I know there must be something better in the future for me, whether that future is alone or with somebody else. And I am still very blessed with all I have, my children, my job (lots of people are still wishing they had jobs these days), my new home, my family who has supported me so much through all of this, and last but not least creativity which gives me a much needed outlet/distraction at the end of the day!

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Missy said...

Stay strong!!! I think my stitching has saved me from many a nervous breakdowns.
Your Halloween finish is soooo darn cute.

((((HUGS and SUPPORT)))))