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Sunday, October 17, 2010

It's the weekend!!! Hooray

This is my Mirabilia "Halloween Fairy", almost done. I just want to have all the stitching done by Halloween. She doesn't have to be framed in time, but just knowing she will be ready and waiting for next Halloween and can be out and displayed for all of October next year. I have to give a little rave to "Just Cross Stitch & Needlework" on this one. They have earned my subscription! I had seen this pattern several times on other peoples blogs and loved it. Well you can't buy it as a chart, at least not that I found. She was a project in Just Cross Stitch in Sept 2008. I checked on ebay and the going price was about $20 for the magazine since it is out of print. So I wrote the magazine asking if they had any back issues. They said no, but they do reprints for $3 bucks. So I was very happy to save myself $17 dollars on this one.

This is part of my Halloween decor. The middle bat was made by me to frame the Lizzie Kate, and I often get asked if my seven year old made it. Honestly it's made out of felt, sparkly pipe cleaners, and hot glue! But it makes me smile every year when I pull it out.

And this is what is framed inside the bat. It is a Lizzie Kate, and I love the variegation of the threads, especially on the little vampires cloak.

We went to the deer farm yesterday outside of Flagstaff. It was nice just to get out of the heat, and it rained a bit while we were up there. It's still 90 degrees here during the day, and we see rain maybe twice a year so rain and cool weather are super exciting. The leaves were changing up north so it was a nice drive. The deer here are so funny. My oldest literally had a pack of 15 deer chasing her down the trail to get fed. My youngest who is three, was not so thrilled over the pushy deer, even after several Bambi references. After about 30 minutes she finally got brave enough to pet them.


Sharlotte said...

Glad to see you blogging again Stephanie!! I really like the Halloween decor! Flagstaff, Arizona! Now there's a place I haven't thought of in a long , long time! So sorry to here of the bumps the road of life have led you on. If you need someone to talk to , even if it's just to unload, you can always email me. I'm also on facebook.:)

Blu said...

Nice progress on Halloween Fairy.
It's nice to hear happy customer stories.

The deer farm sounds like a fun time!

TammyK said...

Halloween Fairy is looking great :) The Lizzie Kate design is so cute & your bat frame works really well with it.