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Friday, July 24, 2009

1 finish and 1 new start

I finished the "faith" piece, and found a cute (and cheap) Ikea frame to put it in. Its hard to see all the white in the piece, I guess the daylight was too bright for taking pictures in, but inside I kept getting glare off of the frame. I started an autumn themed Lizzie Kate piece, its small so I am hoping to have it done this weekend (fingers crossed) I love the variegated thread from Weeks on the pumpkins. Fall is definitely my favorite time of year, although where I live there is no such thing as "seasons". Its likely to be 100 degrees still on Halloween. I also bought a cute Halloween witch ornament with lots of sparkly Kreinik thread, and a big mermaid chart. I have promised I wont even start that one until I have finished one of the big projects I already have in progress. I have a big Autumn one, its kind of like a big collage so I have been working on it in sections, I have the Daughters Love piece for my oldest that just needs the background done and then back stitching, and then I have the Fresh and Clean piece which is almost 80% done. I could probably finish it in a month if I worked on only that. But i'm not that motivated because of how expensive I know it will be to have it framed!
Is it wrong that I didn't want to add a new post because I enjoyed looking at the picture of the finished piece on my last post so much?!?

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