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Monday, January 30, 2017

Alice is almost in Wonderland!

So I have a good feeling Alice will be finish #5 for the year. Here is where she is as of this weekend. I got a good bit of stitching time in on her as husband was out of town visiting family. I found the fabric on ebay, and think I am going to make Alice into some sort of small wall quilt or pillow. Isn't the clock fabric perfect for her though?!? Sorry Alice is so wrinkly, I took her off my stitching hoop just to get a quick progress photo.
And while husband was away I did a little thrift shopping over the weekend, and look what I found! It was half off Saturday at the Goodwill's in our area, and I found the above spool of kind of an eyelet lace trim for $4. I actually wanted trim for  Alice's pillow, but I honestly have no idea what I will do with quite this much of it. The spool is about 8 inches across, and on the bottom it says "365" not sure if that is in feet or yards. If it is yards that's like a half mile of trim! (please don't check my math i'm terrible at it) So I now own a lifetime supply of trim. FYI you can expect to see this on ALL of my future finishes.

And here was my BIG purchase for the weekend, a new outside stitchy spot. We have an awesome back porch at this house, and used to have a very old-very cheap futon that too many foster dogs had halfway destroyed and I would not longer sit on (they ripped the stuffing out of half of it). Now that we are on hiatus from dog fostering for a bit, I decided it was time for me to have a comfy stitchy spot again. I love stitching outside in the natural light, and being able to hear birds and the wind in the trees. Here in Arizona this is the perfect time of year to be outside too, it was in the high 60's this weekend. So I found the above daybed on Craigslist (for $100 bucks less than it was still on sale for at World Market) and all of the pillows on it for less than $10 at Goodwill (half off day again). The only thing new I had to buy was the mattress for it (I just can't see buying a used mattress). So I am one happy stitcher again to have an outdoor spot again.


butterfly said...

Love Alice and what a wonderful match you brought for the backing love it.
Also love your stitching outside area .

gracie said...

Oh I really love Alice...I think I want to stitch it! Yes, I too am enjoying our Arizona weather...this is really our time to be outdoors. Great buy for the patio spot....good job.

Annie said...

I adore Alice and that fabric is so perfect! Great to have a lifetime supply of trim!

Kinda cold in my neck of the woods... envy you sitting out on the patio!

Terri said...

Beautiful stitching! And your back porch looks like the perfect spot to stitch... and nap! :-)

Cricket-bug Corner said...

Alice is beautiful! The clock fabric is perfect! Love your new stitchy spot!

Julie said...

Alice is delightful, perfect fabric to finish it off completely.

Christina said...

Oh I'd love an outside stitching area - yours is lovely! But I live in the UK so would only be able to use it for 2 days of the year lol.

Melinda Forbes said...

That is the perfect fabric for Alice - love the blue and of course the clocks. Your thrift store fines and your couch are just perfect.

Astrids dragon said...

Alice looks so lovely, I'm looking forward to seeing her finished with the goodies you have!
Your new stitching spot looks perfect, I wish it was warm enough here to sit outside.

Christina said...

Hi Stephanie, I'm not sure if Carol has been in touch with you, but I contacted her via the Hooked On Exchanges blog to say that I would love to participate in the next exchange. If you are still interested in a Christmas exchange, perhaps we can do one between us? My blog is Whilst Iris Naps. Hope to hear from you! :0)

Rachel said...

That fabric is perfect for Alice!!!

Lol don't worry, math was never my fave subject either. Looks like a great deal of trim, but you can't go wrong with that price.

That's a great stitching area! And for another awesome price!

Have a great week!

Heather said...

Great stitching and stitchy spot :)