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Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Summertime Stitching

 This is my summertime stitch this month. At least until the new LK mystery sampler comes out in 2 days...so excited for that! Anyway back to my current stitch, it's a Birds of A Feather chart "Schoolhouse Sampler" I love the striped petals against the black fabric. And I have a funny story to go along with the fabric. I dye a lot of my stitching fabric myself in a large stainless steel soup pot I reserve just for that chore. The pot is heavy though when it is filled with dye, fabric, and water. So when I went to dump it in the kitchen sink I accidentally tipped it towards me, and spilled it all over myself and the kitchen counters. Well it was hot black water, and so I immediately took off my pants and am in the kitchen scrubbing trying to scrub the black off of our white cabinets when my husband came in on the other side of our counter. I started to tell him I had had an accident, and then he came around the counter and saw the dye all over the floor and started laughing. He apparently thought I had had some other kind of unfortunate accident (i'm really not that old yet!) Luckily the cabinets should be easy enough to paint over, and it didn't soak into the tile. My pants were pretty much done for though.
 Here is my summertime visitor. I get home in the wee hours of the morning from work, and I pulled into our garage and saw/heard something dart under my husband's workbench in the garage. Well Phoenix is notorious for large roof rats that love our citrus trees and swimming pools. I have never seen one but picture them as huge rats with sharp teeth. So there was much screaming in our garage when I though I was locked in there with one of them. Instead I found this cute little baby bunny huddled inside. He must have darted in as I pulled the car into the garage, he was barely bigger than my hand...sooo cute!
And here is my summer garden. We have our vegetable garden in full swing already, you have to plant early in the spring here as temps get to 120 degrees in the summer and scorch everything. But this year my husband added a side bed to our raised garden bed for these beauties. I love sunflowers and they seem to do well here in our summer heat. I picked a bunch of different colors and heights so hopefully the bed will fill in nicely.


gracie said...

Love your project. I shudder to think of all the black dye spilling! Glad you did not get hurt. Oh your yells must have scared that baby bunny

CathieJ said...

Awww, what an adorable little bunny. We have one visiting our backyard. I love when I get a glimpse of it.

Heather said...

Aww I hope you got him out. Beautiful stitching!

butterfly said...

What a cute little bunny , Love the seeds lots of sunflowers I see.

KimM said...

Oh my gosh! How I laughed at your post....between the incident in the kitchen and being locked in your garage with a monster bunny rabbit....you started my day with a smile.

Annie said...

The BOAF piece is adorable. I can't see to stitch on black fabric, but I love the look. However, spilling all that black dye sounds horrendous! And to have your DH laugh would be even worse. You are a real trooper and defender of the house against invader bunnies!

Unknown said...

I am very happy you found a little bunny and not one of those rats. I would have flipped You have the ability it seems to really "turn those lemons into lemonade". thank you for sharing your Fabric Story. Good luck with the Sunflowers... There are so many different kinds

Rachel said...

Oh, no! All that dye everywhere. Sounds like something I would do because I'm a klutz for sure :)

Awww....what an adorable little bunny. We have a bunny that lives either in our holly bushes or somewhere in the backyard. I think he has been sampling our flowers on the front porch. I'd rather see a bunny than a rat any day!

Please take a picture of your sunflowers when they are in bloom!