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Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Oh Mr. Postman bring me my stitching.......

I have been anxiously awaiting my LK mystery sampler in the mail each day. A stitcher posted her start of it on a Facebook group today and I almost couldn't stand it! I have been reluctantly stitching on other stuff while waiting for it to arrive. I've worked mostly on BOF Schoolhouse Sampler above, filling in the flower petals. Still loving the colors against the dark fabric. This week is also finals week for me in two online college courses I am taking. I mistakenly thought a course in Children's Literature would be easy, there is FIVE essays due for the final! So my weekend will be spent mostly with my nose in a textbook with hourly trips to check the mailbox. 

And here is an Ebay purchase (that ahem still got here faster than my mystery sampler). I already have this pattern in the form of a Prairie School booklet, but was surprised to find it in kit form. This is a Janlynn kit from 1989! I was also surprised to find it came with a nice evenweave fabric, I thought most kits of that era had only Aida cloth with them. I admit I have an odd habit of searching for half finished cross stitch on Ebay because I don't have enough of my own at home apparently. Maybe I just hate to see someone else's craft go unfinished and unloved.  

 Here is my summertime quilt project. I forget the name of the fabric now, but isn't it sooooo cute!?!? I love mermaids and couldn't resist this. I actually got the inspiration for this project from another blogger Seaside Stitches. She did hers in bright Keith Fassett florals, and when I originally went searching for fabric I intended to do something similiar (hers are gorgeous!). I had never tried this block but she linked to an easy enough you-tube tutorial for it and well it just called to me. So I have my blocks all done for it (about 25 blocks or a lap-size quilt) just need to get them squared and sewn together.
And lastly the latest harvest from our summer garden Pumpkins! No, we didn't actually plant these, we compost year round and so the seeds must have been in the compost soil we used and just sprouted on their own. So this year we will be the weird family on our block with 4th of July Jack o'Lanterns.


KimM said...

Lovely find on Ebay...the quilt blocks look great!!! OOOOOO - can hardly wait for mystery sampler to arrive.

Melinda said...

4th of July Jack o"Lanterns -- LOVE IT. and those pumpkins are very special a shout out to all Composts.

I hope your Mystery project will arrive. It is super fun to get something in the Mail besides junk and bills.

Heather said...

Awesome finds good luck on your finals! I just finished a language arts course that really frustrated me. Good luck on getting your mystery sampler soon! You could always paint the pumpkins red white and blue :)

Weronika said...

Your wokr looks great. These umpkins must have been a nice surprise :) Your quilt aso looks great - mermaids are just perfect for summer.