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Friday, February 26, 2016

Garden growing

All of my roses are now done on Trellis Blackbirds, and this week I have been slowly filling in the pink centers. You can't really see the trellis in the photo, it washed out, but I love the color I used WDW Baby's Breath, which is different than what was charted. Next comes the leaves and finishing up the blackbirds. 

And here was last weekends project. It has been in the 80's here, warm even for Arizona. So we needed to hustle to get our garden ready to plant before we reached the dreaded heat of summer. 

Here is sweet husband finishing up the fence. He had lots of help. 

My oldest got to use the power tools to cut the boards  for the fence. 

While my middle daughter got to paint the boards.

And my sweet baby helped dad build the step for the garden.

And here are all three enjoying our sprinkler and the warm afternoon. Crazy that it's only February and it feels like summer already here! We planted three different types of tomatoes, which never do well for me in the heat so I am hoping they still have at least two more months of milder temps here, and four different kinds of peppers which I have had really good luck with. At our last house we had one pepper plant that lived for three years and kept producing peppers each summer. So at least the peppers enjoy our heat!


Melinda said...

What a great family project. Love to see how all the kids helped too. It's beautiful. Good luck with the tomatoes

gracie said...

Love the new project...and yes, it has been warm here in Arizona. Today should be mid 80's again. Dennis has not really started to get the yard organized yet...soon.

Heather said...

Great family project! My only tip for tomatoes is lots of watering the roots when it's hot and lots of fertilizer designed for tomatoes. Good luck!

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

Nice work on the stitched roses, hope the real garden grows as well as they have!

KimM said...

How lovely. It's so great to see the family lend a hand on things like this.

Brigitte said...

So nice for the family to work all together in the garden. I hope the very best for your new plants. It's nearly unbelievable for me that it's so summer-y where you live while we were having new snow two days ago.
Nice progress on your project.