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Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Apparently they thought I wouldn't notice

Here is my chart for Autumn in the Village, do you see the edges of my chart? I always make a working copy to highlight (and enlarge --my eyes aren't what they used to be). Well, someone in my household of three kids and three dogs spilled something all over my chart. Instead of telling me, or spreading out the pages to dry, they quietly tucked my chart back into my sewing basket and this is how I found it. Luckily the original chart is still usable, just all of my working pages that I high lighted are water damaged beyond use. Oh the perils of living with children and pets!
Here's my progress on Autumn Village. I worked mostly on the tree in the middle this week and the grocery store (the yellow/green building. Soon will come all the back-stitching, YUCK! but I know it will make it really pop once it's done. 

This Prairie Schooler went off to the framers last week, and I get it back this Friday. I am excited to hang it up for spring. It has sat in my finished box all year. I wanted to go with the frame on the right until they told me it wasn't actually a frame but a spacer for underneath, So the green/blue on the left it was. As my husband pointed out we have yellow walls in our kitchen/dining area so the wood frame really wouldn't have stood out against them anyways.

And our latest foster Kenzie went back to the Humane Society. She was recovering from the loss of her front leg, and was such a cutie pie! I really loved having her (i'd keep all of them if I could). In her place we are now fostering a shepherd puppy that is missing about half his hair. He is going to be such a handsome dog once it grows back, but for now he just looks awkward. I'd post a photo of him but puppies just don't hold still long enough!

Calvin also turned 2 last month! For his birthday we go him a basketball hoop, and guess what he wanted to play with? The box of course! So here is our sweet baby standing in his birthday box. 


KimM said...

Oh my...glad the original chart was still useable. Love your progress. What a special lady to foster these fur babies. I laughed outloud when I saw the munchkin in the box. 😻

Heather said...

Aww he's adorable! Boxes are fun lol. I'm glad you have another chart at least they messed up the chart and not the stitching!

Melinda Forbes said...

Your story about your chart - the kids and pets most certainly made me smile...

Your finish will look beautiful framed.

Two already - how quickly they grow

CalamityJr said...

I love this post! Your stitching, framing, sweet Kenzie, precious Calvin... This is perfect!

Brigitte said...

Such a sweet picture of Calvin, lol. What is it that little kids all love big boxes to play with and in ? :)
Oh my , good that it wasn't the original chart. But I don't need kids to spill something over my stitching or the supplies. I once damaged a completely finished ornament that was a gift for someone by spilling a cup of coffee over it. I had to restitch it.

Your Stoney Creek Village looks so so great. I have added all these villages to my wish list now and will order them very soon. They look fantastic.

Weronika said...

Best Birthday wishes for Calvin! He is sooo cute! Your stitching looks amazing. And the chart - good for you that you've made a copy :)