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Sunday, April 12, 2015

50 Shades of Grey

Progress on Prairie Schooler Owl and Pussycat. Just a few more rows of green under the boat to fill in those waves. Then their chests and eyes, they look a little weird not filled in. Hopefully by next week i'll have a finish to show off!

And here is my most recent quilt top finish. I have named this my "50 Shades of Gray" quilt. Don't worry, you don't have to point out that there is not actually fifty shades of grey in this quilt there is only four, I know. I just like the humor in naming a quilt after a dirty book (btw I have not read book/seen the movie yet they are both on my to do list).

Here is the back of the quilt, and some of my stitching on the top. I am hand stitching the top of it because I don't want to pay to have it long-arm quilted since it is just for me, and it was too bulky to quilt on my own sewing machine. I do love the backing fabric, it has a bunch of sewing related words on it. I figured a quilt named after a book should have something literary on it.

My latest exchange piece, finally arrived safely at it's destination. I had mailed it to Canada, and they sent it back because I didn't put my full name on the return address (I just used my first initial and last name). So I was super late in getting this to my exchange partner. I had to laugh over this exchange, above is the sheep I stitched and below is the sheep that was stitched for me. Their twins, just with different color wool! My exchange partner must have had very good taste!

I'll leave you again with more garden pics. These are blue hibiscus. They only bloom in the spring, but are actually pretty hardy for our extreme desert heat. I have one plant that has lasted through four summers now. I love their pretty purple flowers. 


Annette-California said...

Lovey stitching! Your quilt top is beautiful!!! I laughed at the title!
What pretty gifts exchanged.
love Annette

Linda said...

Love your quilt - I've seen the film but not read the books. Really enjoyed the film - very tastefully done.

Lovely exchange pieces - great minds!

Deb said...

Love your PS. Looking great
Your quilt is very pretty. Didn't know one could send out quilts for long arm. Too funny on your twins
Great update!

gracie said...

Great projects and exchanges. Pretty garden flowers. Our hibiscus seems to be enjoying our desert weather this year.

KimM said...

Very pretty stitching. Love your quilt.

Sheryl S. said...

Love the owl and the pussycat design,

Barb said...

You have been very busy!! A pretty 50 shades of gray quilt and very cute stitching projects! Flowers are lovely!

butterfly said...

Lovely post great stitching and lovely flowers.

Barbi said...

How bazaar is it that they returned it to you because of not using your full name! I have never heard of that. I guess something has changed that I didn't know about. but it is a piece worth waiting for....it's very cute.

Minnie said...

I haven't read the book nor seen the movie but I love your quilt and your exchange shows that great mines think alike.

Michele said...

Love the quilt and your sheeps! and the PS owls are adorable!

Jennifer M. said...

Love the Owls piece. Great exchange pieces too. There is something so cute about stitched sheep.

Beautiful purple flower. I love purple!

Weronika said...

Wonderful job. Congrats on your progress.