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Monday, January 19, 2015

A Quickie bit of Romance

Here is my latest project--finished in three days--i'll say that is a quickie for me!

It's a Bent Creek design "Rowmance". I like most of their row designs, and of course always love stitching in season! (It was hard to get a photo of the whole thing--you can see my shoes in the above photo)

I was surprised at the colors on this piece, they were different than what I thought they would be from the chart photo. I was thinking greys, but most of the letters are browns and greens. If you Google image search the design their are some cool variations stitchers have done. One of my favorites had tan letters and white hearts and flowers, another had lots of pink flowers and hearts. The only major variation I did with mine is instead of stitching on a tan fabric, I used a light blue.

And i'll leave you with a photo of my favorite little boy. My baby turned one last week. In our family we have a tradition of "baby cakes" where on their first birthday they get a cake of their own to make a mess of. I think more of it got on his face than in his mouth!


Annie said...

Love that design. Seems like the floss colors never match the model photos so well these days. Digital cameras always have such a mind of their own!

Your little boy sure seem to have baby fun with that cake!

Frances N said...

Love your stitching! Those "row" charts are all so cute! You sure fit it FAST!
Cute, cute baby photo! Looks like he had a grand time with his cake!! Fun !

Frances N said...

Stitched!!!! Sorry for the typo! I'm on my phone and auto-correct drives me batty!

Barb said...

That little guy is just adorable!! They grow so fast! Very pretty stitching too.

Catherine said...

Cute stitches ~ but oh, that little one ~ so precious!

Brigitte said...

Oh, such a beautiful finish. I love the Bent Creek rows, and you are right, you see a lot of colour changes on them when you see them stitched by different stitchers.

I have a picture of my grandson's birthday celebration when he turned one - he was looking just the same, only with chocolate all over, lol.

butterfly said...

Lovely stitching , and what a great little boy he looks like he is having fun.

Marie said...

Congratulations on the completion of "Rowmance"
Very nicely done…and in only 3 days!

Your son is ADORABLE.

Deb said...

Love cake face baby! I did the same for mine! Don't they look so proud covered in frosting!
Well done on reowmance!

grannystitches said...

Happy belated birthday little guy! He is so handsome! We used to do that now we let the grands loose on one corner of the cake I have 15 grands and 9 step grands!