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Monday, May 26, 2014

Schools out for Summer!

My girls were both so happy for the last week of school.  Me as a mom, looking ahead to eight long weeks of bored children cooped up inside from the summer heat, who play together the first two hours of the day but spend the next ten hours fighting like, well like sisters.....sigh it's gonna be a long summer! I love the extra time with the girls and normally we do at least one fun summer vacation and a few weekend road trips/camping trips. But with the new baby I'm not sure how much we will get to do this summer. 

Above is my start on Prairie Schooler's "Trick or Treat", stitched on 28 ct WDW Guacamole linen. I love the color, so fitting for a Halloween piece. I think I am only going to stitch this part of the design, since the trick or treaters are my favorite part, so this one should be done soon. I want to stitch the cat's skeleton in glow in the dark white thread (my favorite thread for ghosts/skeletons and anything else Halloween). 

And below is my Pinterest project of the week (one of only a handful that actually got finished). I made this out of stakes from Home Depot and some wooden stars from Jo-Anns. My patient husband helped me with the eye-hooks for the bottom. I love how it turned out. I don't have my summer seasonal wall put together on the inside of our house yet, but at least the outside of our house looks patriotic!


Diana said...

Your pinterest project really turned out nice. Hope your summer goes well.

Barb said...

I love the patriotic project. It looks great. PS design are so good for dividing up. I am looking forward to seeing how this one turns out. When my kids were little and they got fussy in the summer, I'd say well guess it's time to clean the --------(whatever I could come up with) It sort of worked.

Mouse said...

good luck with the school holidays ... baking, painting and general crafting springs to mind ... tents made of old sheets and airer's ??? love your banner too and your trick or treat :) love mouse xxxx

Beth said...

Wonderful fabric for your Halloween stitch. Your patriotic banner is super too.

butterfly said...

Happy days , You will miss these days when they are grown up ,enjoy every day, hugs.

Von said...

LOVE your patriotic project!!

Brigitte said...

Oh yes, why not stitch only the trick and treaters of the PS piece, they will look gorgeous. And your patriotic piece looks great on the door.
Have a wonderful suzmmer with your girls.