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Friday, May 2, 2014

Peep Peep

"Easter Peep" With Thy Needle and Thread Designs

Just finished this last week. I was thinking the whole time I was stitching this that I was going to use the two fabrics above to finish it into a pillow. But today when I pulled them out and put them against Mr. Peep I realized that the tulips in the stitching are more of an orangey-red vs. the pink of the tulips on the fabric. So now I am left with the dilemma of "how much is this going to bother me if my tulips don't match?"

And this is my weeks progress on Mirabilia's Santa. It has been a little bit since I posted an update photo on this one, and it looks like a lot of progress in the photo, but I feel like I am falling behind on getting this one done. It is for a friend of mine, in barter for tutoring my daughter in math. If it was for me I wouldn't care how long it took done, but I feel like I am under a deadline since it is for someone else. 

What I am Reading This Week: The God of Small Things, The Bookstore (why is this book taking me so long!), and I just started "Savannah Blues"

What I am Watching This Week: Hope Springs (I liked this more than I thought I would), The Awakening, Dexter, Robot and Frank (I loved this movie! definitely one of my new favorites), also Frozen and the new Tinkerbell movie with my girls.


Barb said...

What an adorable little chicken!! The tulips look good to me.

Annette-California said...

Easter Peep is beautiful! I wouldn't even think about NOT using wither fabric. I think they are perfect for your sampler. The orange in your samplers tulips are red/pink based anyways. Your Santa is coming along beautifully. Great progress.
love Annette

Minnie said...

Great progress on Santa, the chick is adorable and for what it's worth (probably not much) but I think the fabric on the left is perfect.

Annie said...

The chick is so sweet. At least on my monitor, those fabrics look perfect. They don't have to exactly match to coordinate.

Deb said...

Love your cute finish!! I didn't even notice the difference in tulip colors compared to the fabric. Think either one would be cute.
Anazung work on your Miri Santa! Absolutely gorgeous!!!