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Friday, November 16, 2012

Slow nut to crack!

Still dragging along on this one. I like it, I do. I just have other stuff I want to be working on, but i'm determined to finish this first. Fingers crossed it will be done this weekend. My other projects that are calling to me to work on before Thanksgiving are Bent Creek's Uber-Turkey (i'm about halfway done) and I want to start Bent Creek's Gobble. I always like their seasonal charts, and I love putting up different cross stitch for each season.
We spent our Veteran's Day exploring. We drove down to Tucson and on the way stopped to check out the cotton fields. We don't have as many cotton fields up around Phoenix, so it was neat to see it and tell them how their grandmother used to pick it by hand for like a nickel a bag.
I knew they were my kids, when the found seeds inside the puffs and were excited over "all the money we will save stuffing pillows if we grow our own cotton!!". So we are going to try, not sure if we will actually get any cotton out of it but it will be neat to see if the seeds even sprout.
Being an Arizona girl at heart, I like to "visit" winter. I wouldn't want to live anywhere with real snow for several months of the year, but I can admit it is fun to play in the snow and be out in the chilly weather for short (very short) periods of time. And yes I do call that half inch of snow you see in the photo snow. Anything more than this and I would be bunkering down to hibernate and putting snow chains on the car.
And this is down at Mt. Lemmon. It is amazing to go from the base of the mountain with saguaros and cactus to the top where there is snow and pine trees.
And this is my youngest, Zoe and I on the ski lift. I have never been on a ski lift before (again I live in Arizona, winter sports aren't my thing). I temporarily forgot I was scared TERRIFIED of heights. And sweet boyfriend had reasured me "don't worry it's only 10 feet off the ground". That was a lie, and then the chair was swaying in the wind, and bouncing when ever it went past a pole. If my youngest hadn't been on with me, I would have made them stop the ride and get me down! Never again! Yes the mountain was pretty, but that ground underneath looked hard and sharp.


Melinda said...

I did not know they grew cotton in Arizona. Amazing. Your girls so so cute, and shows what a great imagination and adventurous spirit they have.

I am from Central New York, we get over 100 inches of snow a year and I will never go on a ski lift. But I do love the snow, and can't wait till we get our first real storm.

dixiesamplar said...

I live in an area that is full of cotton fields...it is a lovley sight when they are in full bloom.

Love the progress on your CC piece; it is going to be a lovely finish.

Linda said...

Love the piece your working on. Looks like you had a fun outing. I would love to live in the snow if I didn't have to leave the house or hubby didn't have to go to work.


Barb said...

Your kids are adorable and I love their commnent about the cotton! I did not know they grew cotton in Arizona!

Janet P said...

Gold star for bravery. Cotton fields would be very strange for me to see here in the UK.

Catherine said...

Cute stitches and great pictures of your adventure!

gracie said...

The acorn is looking good...stay with it! Love the ski lift photos and the cotton fields. I picked a bit of cotton when I first moved here from a field in Casa Grande.....There are still some fields out here in the West Valley off the 101...

Brigitte said...

That acorn looks really lovely.
What a great day you had with all sorts of fun. I can hear you on the snow, lol. I live in a mountain region and we usually have snow for two to three months, sometimes more. And I definitely don't like it, well, looking at it is OK, but driving on it - no!

SoCal Debbie said...

The only "ski lift" I've been on is one over the San Diego Zoo! LOL. I can also visit the snow up in the mountains for a few hours, then come right back home, where it never snows. It's amazing how the weather changes when you drive uphill for 30 minutes.

Your Acorn stitching piece is cute!

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