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Saturday, April 7, 2012

Aaacccckkkk! How am I late for my own giveaway! Like a week late too. Sigh...big deep sigh. It has been a busy week of Easter parties at preschool, and work, and too much of everything else. This is my youngest at her preschools Easter egg hunt. I thought it was the perfect face for how I felt about being late for my own giveaway.

And who needs a random number generator when I have toddlers and pets to do my picking. This is the newest member of our flock. Karma the conure, who by the way loves to eat/shred/make messes out of paper. So I let the bird pick my winner. And June of Butterfly wings it was. Congratulations! I love her blog header of the bunnies and the daffodils, very cute.

And this was my seasonal exchange peice, I recieved from Lei of Barely Squeaking By. Isn't it so cute?! I love the trim on it, and it is now proudly displayed on my spring shelf. I have been stitching away on my exchange piece, and it is done except for the finishing. I am trying something new with the finishing and am so scared to mess it up! So of course I have been putting it off. It is so much harder when it is for someone else and you want it to be perfect.
I hope everyone has a happy hoppy Easter. Blessings!


Shirlee said...

What a hoot seeing Karma picking the giveaway winner ... lol! Congratulations to June! You also received a great seasonal exchange piece from Lei! Happy Easter!

Ranae said...

Cute post
Happy Easter!!

Mouse said...

awww congratulations to June :) and love your wee bird picking the winner .. gorgeous wee exchange piece and take a deep breath and make sure you have everything to had you are going to need to finish your piece and go for it :) you will be fine xxxxx love mouse xxxxx

Anne said...

Super cute post! I love that picture of your daughter!! And how you had the bird pick! So cute!! Congrats to June for winning! What a lovely little pillow you received!

milly said...

Lovely post, Happy Easter!

Barb said...

Love you blog! Now you have another Liebster award!