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Sunday, November 6, 2011

Trunk or Treat

For Halloween our preschool did a Trunk or Treat event. It was the first year I had gone (actually the 3rd year our daughter has attended the school though), and I had lots of fun. They do a raffle supporting the school and above is what I made. It's Lizzie Kate but I changed the colors into primary colors. The frame is from Pier 1, and I found it for 5 bucks at Goodwill! I painted the mat a bright yellow, and the preschool teacher had the children put their fingerprints on the wooden part of the frame and then turned them into flowers & bugs. It turned out so cute! And it raised $85 for the preschool which is awesome.

And this is what I won from the preschool raffle. The bag is handmade with really beautiful batik quilting fabric. And the inside was stuffed with really cozy/fuzzy/fluffy yarns. Is it so wrong of me to be inspired to take up knitting? Anyways I was so excited to win this.

And below is my oldest daughter and me (and our ghostie) in the trunk afterwards. I made the mistake of wearing pointy pirate boots as part of my costume and could barely walk afterwards. I also hand-dyed the skirt from white to red. The most impressive part of this is that I managed to not dye anything else in my house bright red!


gracie said...

Wonderful...$85 is wonderful...good for you.

piece peace said...

Congratulations on all fronts! Thank you for sharing this.

Wagapapa said...

Love the stitching you made for the raffle, congratulations for the price it achieved.
Congratulations for your win too.

Jenny said...

What a great post - looks like a really good time! I love how the frame was decorated, that is just too cute!

Ranae said...

How generous of you to give such a wonderful piece to the raffle, it is so cheerful
Nice win on your part too.
That is so funny that you didn't dye anything else red in the house, sounds like me, lol
Thanks for stopping by my blog
I'll be back