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Sunday, November 6, 2011

Halloween Hangover!

These are my two girls Halloween costumes. Zoe was Dorothy this year, and Maya was a princess. I loved both their dresses, oh to be five again. I myself went as a pirate this year, and I almost went as a very naughty pirate. I found a parrot at Goodwill for 99 cents. It was one of those talking ones, but of course had no batteries with it. I bought it anyways thinking it was still pretty cute even if it didn't talk. I got it home and stuck batteries in it and WOW did that parrot talk. It said some things that would make a sailor blush. He actually said about five different witticisms, each one more vulgar than the last. It seems that Polly wanted more than a cracker. Needless to say Polly promptly had his batteries removed, and did not get to attend our preschool trunk or treat!

Now that Halloween is done, I have spent this week putting all the decorations away, and eating my children's Halloween candy. You might think my hangover was caused by all the empty candy wrappers laying around my feet. And while I do feel my teeth starting to tingle with cavities, my hangover is actually caused by x-stitch. I started lots of Halloween stitches, so many they now have their very own WIP box...sigh. I also was forced to admit I started more Halloween stitches than I finished. Instead of binging on candy I binged on cross-stitch.

This is one of the few I actually finished this season. A Lizzie Kate from the "Fall Crazy" chart. I actually forgot to sew the star on her witches wand, so I had to improvise and sew on a little charm afterwards. I also found some cute star sequins at Jo-Anns and added those on too.

This is another Lizzie Kate, off of her "Halloween" chart. I changed all the colors and it is stitched on hand-dyed even weave. One of my litle candy corn buttons broke in half as I was sewing it on. It was my own fault, I didn't want to dig for a smaller needle to sew on the buttons with. I love the little spider button, what a cute idea to sew on his legs.

And these are all my starts-and put away till next years.....The box gets bigger every year. Sigh (and a little of giggle of glee ... I really do love Halloween stitching!)


Mouse said...

ohhh dear what a parrot /// girls look soo cute in there costumes :) way to go on being organised and almost ready for your Halloween stitching for next year hahahah love mouse xxxx

aznative77 said...

Those shoes really were spectacular. She was the cutest Dorothy ever! And Princess Maya looked lovely. Not to leave you out, you made an awesome pirate and would make an excellent match for Jack Sparrow, that is if he could get you away from me.