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Thursday, November 4, 2010

Trees and Turkeys

I can't make up my mind what to work on this month. My goal/X-mas present to myself is to have 10 new ornaments stitched for my tree this year. If you remember from last year I only have the one tiny little mouse for my own tree while I have made dozens of ornaments for friends and family. So this is my start on that goal. It is a Lizzie Kate, and oddly enough it is the only one I like out of this chart.

But a part of me is not ready yet to start gearing up for Christmas/Winter and wants to enjoy fall just a little bit longer. We are having such beautiful fall weather, highs in the eighties and nights just a little cooler. It's the perfect time of year for walks to the park and a little work in the garden. Also I hate that all the stores are already bombarding us with Christmas stuff. I really think they overdo on the Christmas holiday season (it shouldn't last two and a half months!) So this little lap quilt is my Thanksgiving quilt. The black looking squares are actually a dark brown.

This is a close up of the fabric that inspired me to start this little quilt. Aren't the little turkeys just the cutest? The red and yellow fabrics have sparkle in them too. I know I can finish the top in time, but i'm not sure I will have it quilted in time for this years Thanksgiving. But I like to work on seasonal stuff during the actual season, so even if it's not done in time I will still love working on it for the Autumn theme. (And Jo-anns had the turkey fabric at 40% off already-yippee).
Halloween Fairy has alas been put aside unfinished. I decided that if I stitched the spiderwebs at her feet with the wrong color thread that it really would bug me for forever and ever and every time I looked at her. So I have mail-ordered the correct thread, and hopefully I will pick her up again and finish her once it arrives.


Sharlotte said...

Oh Stephanie , those turkeys are so cute. Love the color choices too!

Daffycat said...

OMG That is the CUTEST turkey fabric! Great quilt idea!