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Monday, November 8, 2010

And the turkeys are in the lead!

So I finished my gobble gobble quilt top today! Yeah for me. I have a super cute idea for a peiced back, i'm gonna use the extra squares from the nine patches to make a stripe along the center. I used a soft corduroy for the sashing on this, to give it a little extra weight/warmth/snuggly-ness. I think it may just be done before the end of the week. I also picked up a pretty orange blendable (or in x-stitch terms "variegated") thread called Candy Apples to do the quilting with. Though the backing fabric is pretty busy so i'm not even sure it will show. But I will know it's there.

And this is my cross stitching for the week. It is a Bent Creek. I'm just not ready to start stitching X-mas ornaments yet. I don't want it to be winter time yet! I changed the colors on this one. Originally the letters were supposed to be in brown, and the vine running through them was also a lighter brown. Me being a color girl couldn't resist changing them to a brick red, and the vine to a nice green. I think it still looks fall-ish, don't you?

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Jane said...

Thank you for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment - lovely to meet you!
Love the Turkey Quilt, really unusual and very unique and the BK stitch is great too ~ good choice of colour change to brick red, I've done the same on a Lizzie Kate design so great minds think alike!!!
Will follow you and keep track on your stitchy news
Jane xxxx