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Friday, February 5, 2010

Walk in the Woods is finished!

Yea!!! Walk in the woods is done! For a pretty large piece it actually got done really quick. Isn't it funny how some projects are just a breeze and then others take FOREVER to finish. I started this the beginning of December. It's all DMC threads without a lot of back stitching which made it an easy one to work on.
This is my Lizzie Kate exchange from Aubree of "For the Love of Cross Stitch". Wow she did such a great job on it. And it was such a cute idea changing the February part of it to say Stephanie instead. Also the finishing on it is awesome. That is my least favorite part of making stuff is finishing them, because mine never come out as perfect as I want them to be. Needle books like this are definitely still above my skill and courage level.
Anyways I love the little needle book and am very excited to show it off in my sewing kit! Thank you so much Aubree.


Blu said...

Walk in the Woods is beautiful! Congrats!
Lovely exchange!
And you should just bite the bullet and finish smalls. Eventually you'll get it. Practice makes perfect. Right?
That picture with the purple hair is hilarious. That's one vivid wig! (or did you actually dye your hair that colour?)

Sharlotte said...

I love how this turned out. Very woodsy. Aubree did a nice job on the needlebook. It's a cute design. I know what you mean about this projects that take such a long time. I have one I'm about ready to pitch!

Ranae said...

I love your finish, who is the designer?
I would love to get this. The colors are fabulous.
I seen that pretty LK exchange. Aubree did a great finish with the personalizing too.

Pat said...

Walk in the Woods is wonderful. Love the letters.

Sophos said...

Superbe tableau !!!
J'adore :-)

A bientot !