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Thursday, February 23, 2017

Feeling Lucky?

I couldn't resist a teeny-tiny new start, I mean really it doesn't even count does it?!? Above is Lizzie Kate's St. Patrick's Day chart for this year. All I need to finish is the threads for my leprechaun's face and the gold for the border. Quick, cute stitch and a good break from all of my Halloween stitches.

Here's where I am at on "Remember Me". I completed the row of houses (just need roofs on them), dug half of a grave (all that dark stitching is tedious) and my witch now has a dress and a pumpkin companion. I messed up the skeletons toes, so am hemming and hawing over how much I will have to frog to make them right. This linen is very bumpy/uneven, and I went over three somewhere when it should have been over two. Now the only problem is finding which little stitch threw me off! 

Below is my SIXTH finish for the year, Drawn Thread's "Halloween Sampler". I changed many of the colors on this one, but overall am really happy with how it turned out. I have organized my WIP list into categories (I know how nerdy am I?) so about 25% of my projects are Fall/Autumn, 25% are Halloween, 25% are miscellaneous, and the last group is all of my big-big projects. My goal for the first three months of this year was 25% of my WIP basket done, or 9 projects. So with six done already and one more month to go I am right on track. Well, as long as I stop adding new projects like ahem the LK at the top of this post. Look away, look away--I just can't help myself apparently!


gracie said...

Problem with the toes? If it does not really affect the overall design you could leave them. After all, he is a skeleton and scary!!I think it looks great.

Rachel said...

Loving your St. Patrick design :)

And the Halloween ones are cute!! Good luck with your WIPs.

Justine said...

Those Halloween designs are fantastic! I love the way you've set out your goal for 3 months.
Cute LK small as well, and of course it's so tiny it doesn't count!

Julie said...

Sweet LK for the upcoming St Patricks Day celebrations.

Heather said...

Gorgeous progress