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Sunday, September 25, 2016

Stitching stash part deux

So my other two stitching baskets held 31 more WIPs, so with my main basket's total of 18 that means I have *choke *cough *umm 49 cross stitch pieces in progress right now. How the heck did that happen! So to meet my 4th quarter goal of 25% done I need to finish 13 of them, or a little over 4 a month for the next 3 months. So much math for my little brain! But I feel hopeful, and motivated. I think I can I think I can I think I can! Below are the photos of the rest of my projects. Most of them still have more than 50% done, some just need back stitching or the last few stitches put in. A few are more than a decade old.

Someone make me feel better, how many WIPs do you have in your stitchy basket? I have a friend who when I told her how many I had just made it worse by saying she only worked on one project at a time. I can't remember how many years it has been since I only had one project going!

Daisies - lost the chart unknown designer
 Daisies, I think the pattern was out of a magazine, and I remember loaning the pattern to my sister, who never gave it back. I only have some back stitching left to do, so I am hoping I can just wing it! This has been in my basket for over 10 years now!
Santa Stamp - by Dimensions Gold Collection
Santa Stamp by Dimension's Gold Collection. This one I just started last year.

Another long timer, and I LOVE this design! It is Autumn Sampler by Janlynn. I have all four of these kits. I messed up the middle portion and got discouraged. Can you see I had a helper for my photo? This WIP has to be at least 8 years old!

Another screw up that got put away. It is Birds of A Feather "Remember Me" I miscounted on the skeleton stitching, and just moved right on to the next project. I can tell how old my projects are because I used to tape the edges of the fabric (*gasp*) instead of sewing them.

"The Bunny Run Around", I hand dyed this fabric and it is the perfect shade of spring green, but still a long long way to go on this one!

Another oldie, I think this may be my oldest project. A Dimensions kit, at least 12 years old by now! Still love the design, even if it is stitched on scratchy Aida.

This was someone else's WIP, because I don't have enough of my own. I loved the design though, so I bought it with the best of intentions to finish it. Sigh...someday.

Another large Gold Collection kit "Dana's Roses", a more recent start I think it was started just last summer. Very dense stitching on this one.

"Petal Fairy" by Mirabilia. I actually started this project twice, the first time I didn't calculate how much fabric I would need correctly and stitched right off the edge of it!

"Angel of Summer" by Lavender and Lace. Again someone else's WIP that I just couldn't leave unfinished.

"Shaekespeares Fairies". I love this design but hate the linen I chose. I may restart this on better linen, though I hate to throw away so much stitching. This may sit in my WIP pile for a while longer while I consider it.

"Apples" by Mirabilia. This one is at least three years old. The colors of the mountains didn't match the photo on the chart, so I got frustrated with it and set it aside. Still love the design though.

Lizzie Kate Halloween. I stitched them on different colors of Aida and meant to stitch them all together eventually, 4 of them are started so far.

Bent Creek "The Brown Dog". I ran out of the thread I needed to finish his head (hey that rhymes!)

Prairie Schooler "Fall Fields", all I need to do is finish the grass under his paws (what is wrong with me that I can't put in ten more stitches!)

Bent Creek "Winter Row" Another one i'm not sure if I will finish. It doesn't show up as well on the linen I dyed for it, plus there is a spot right in the middle that I can't wash out.

"Autumn Cats" another WIP I bought off of ebay cause I just couldn't stand to leave it unfinished. Only a few more leaves needed on this one. Our leaves don't change color here (what leaves, we have cactus!) So I love the thought of crunchy piles of fallen leaves.

Lizzie Kate "Tingles" Just the yard and some of the house to finish on this one. I have four other ornaments stitched on the same fabric as this so I NEED to finish it so I can actually cut it apart.

Another LONGTIMER, that I still LOVE. Blackbird Designs "Midnight Watch". This linen, while a beautiful color is a little hard to stitch on.

"Happy Halloween" by With Thy Needle and Thread

A small part of the Janlynn kit that I wanted to make an ornament out of. All I need to do is the back-stitching on her.

I'm not sure the name of this one by Evermore designs. I didn't like how his wings were showing up on the darker linen.

Bent Creek "Uber Turkey" Still love it, just got to buckle down and finish it!

Lizzie Kate "Love Crazy" Just need to finish the flowers and unpick the O so it matches the other letters.

The Trilogy "Flower Bed", I had kind of forgotten I had this one!

"Lovebird" by Just another button co. All I need to do is some back stitching, and two little stitches on his wing!

Cedar Hill "Country Poppies" Another WIP I bought off of ebay. Only a few more letters to go!

Lizzie Kate "Naughty" Just need to stitch the tree to the left of the words.

Cricket Collection "Fresh as a Daisy" I started this over one, and now need to unpick the flowers that I did in the smaller stitches.

Bent Creek "Glad Tidings" need to finish the wreath and add some buttons.

A new start Satsuma Street "Halloween Cat"


Brigitte said...

I don't know what it is but I love to see other stitchers' WIPs. Yours are all very beautiful, and some areas near the finishing line. So there will be a lot of happy dances in the near future.

Shelly said...

I'm pretty sure I have about 31 WIPs so don't feel bad! You're so close to finishes on some of these. I have a WIP that is about 9 years old and also has tape around the edges, lol! I'm stitching the Halloween Cat also. I love all the bright colors on it. Have fun with those WIPs and UFOs!

Cricket-bug Corner said...

So many are so close to done. I have 4 in rotation and one wip that isn't in the rotation. It's a Teresa Wentzler I started in 2005. I had 12 WIPs at the begining of 2015 but have worked through them. I do rotation so I can add in new patterns Ü

Lynda Ruth Bowers said...

Don't feel bad, I have lots too, but I have one that I started in 2001 and can't bring myself to finish. I had to sit in hospital watching over Dave's mom when she was on her death bed and I started a cross stitch but when she passed I put it away and have never gone back to it. It may only take a little while to finish but my heart is not in it. Some day I may or may never. But I have lots of WIP's too. hugs

Rachel said...

Those are some lovely designs and it looks like you are really, really close to finishing quite a few of them :)

I am emailed you about the exchange. Check your spam folder just in case ;)

Melinda Forbes said...

you have so many great projects. I think I saw at least two to add to my wish list - thank you for sharing

Weronika said...

There are so many wonderful pieces in your WIP pile! I also have a lot of things started but I am afraid to count them :). Surely You will have some extraordinary finishes very soon!

Heather said...

Wow that's a lot of projects good luck finishing!