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Tuesday, September 22, 2015


I participated again in the HOE Halloween exchange. This is what I received from Amy of Cross Stitch and Cupcakes. It is a Blue Ribbons Designs peice out of the JCS Halloween issue, and I love it! She made it into a treat bag and it came filled with candy YUM! She also made the two pillowcases you see underneath it in the photo, which are super cute Halloween colors. I am in awe of her sewing/finishing skills!

And this is the piece I sent out to Rachel of The Wandering Bunny. She posted a photo of it amongst her Halloween display on the HOE blog, and she has the cutest Halloween tree with all of these knitted/crocheted? ornaments. I need to get my act together and start digging out all of our Halloween decorations before October passes me by. The ornament is a Prairie Schooler design, I stitched just the top of it actually cause I loved the trio of witches with that poor cat hanging off the broom. I also hand-dyed the linen, and still have a scrap of it which I will probably use to stitch this again for myself. 


Heather said...

Ooo I love your witch design the blue is fantastic! Lovely treat bag as well :)

Cricket-bug Corner said...

Love your witches, Nice gift Ü

Barb said...

I love the way you adapted that PS design!!

Brigitte said...

Both pieces are great.
You chose a lovely Prairie Schooler design for your little pillow, and the blue fabric you stitched it on is so perfect for it. Great exchange.

Rachel said...

Thank you for the gift! I absolutely love it. I've been showing a picture of it to my friends. Everyone loves the design and your beautiful dyed fabric!

Justine said...

Beautiful gifts both sent and received. I love to see these exchanges go so well!

Rachel said...

Thanks for the comment on my blog. Yes, I made some of the ornaments on my tree. They are crocheted. A few of the ornaments were made by my best friend, Amanda. She got me into crochet.

You should try crochet again. YouTube is great for learning new crafts. A lot of what I know is from watching tutorials.

Weronika said...

Fantastic stitching! I love the piece you've made. So perfect for October!