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Monday, March 24, 2014

Progress Pics!

Here is this weeks progress, I picked Santa back up and started working on the second cuff. I had divided this chart into 4 sections when I made my working copies so I am happy now to be in the third quarter of stitching this. I was saving the white of his beard and mittens for last, but I did stitch a little bit of his beard also. I thought if I waited to stitch all that white until the end I might go snow-blind. It is hard to stitch on this during all the  spring weather we have been having here, I like to stitch in season and it's definitely no longer winter time in Arizona (though i'm sure most everyone reading this can still look out the window and see snow!)

And this is my progress on Calvin's baby sampler. I finished another of the big words, the star and some of the border. I wanted the border to be blue and green, but the threads you can't even tell their different colors! I used WDW "Bayview" which is a pretty turquoise and "Lucky" which was supposed to be more green. It's ok though I like the colors and its not worth changing it now.
And these are the beautiful flowers my sweet husband got me for my birthday this weekend. We left baby Calvin at home with grandma, and went on a date for my birthday. It's the first time we have been out without him since he was born. We got sushi, which was a no-no for me while pregnant, and went to a bookstore and a plant nursery. All in all my idea of a great date. We bought some a pink star Jasmine vine for our garden and now our backyard smells heavenly! I just hope it survives our summer. 


Denise said...

Love your Santa (one of my favorite things to stitch) and your sampler is coming along beautifully!
Happy Birthday!
Happy Stitching!

Annie said...

Happy belated birthday! Your stitching is lovely, especially your Santa! (also one of my favorite things to stitch.)

Shirlee said...

Happy belated birthday! Your flowers are beautiful & your stitching projects are lovely : ) Calvin's baby sampler makes me think of the baby sampler I started stitching for my son when I was expecting him 32 years ago. I think I got maybe 2 lines stitched on it, & for whatever reason that's as far as it went. I still have it ... thought I'd save it & stitch it for his son one day, but he decided years ago that he will never get married. Sigh!

Barb said...

The Santa is amazing. Calvin's birth sampler would be more my speed. It will be just perfect for a little boy's room. Happy late Birthday to you!!

Brigitte said...

Belated Happy Birthday to you!
You made some nice progress on the Santa and the birth sampler.

SewAmy said...

Your stitching looks great. I like to season with the seasons too. I had to force myself to stitch 'Santa's Village' in those warms months. Happy Late Birthday!! Your flowers are gorgeous.