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Sunday, May 27, 2012

Can I get a 2nd opinion?

I started two new projects this week. Both of which I am having mixed feelings about. This is the first one, Blackbird Designs "Midnight Watch". I have loved this design for a while now, and can never resist Halloween stuff anyways. But my LNS did not have the right color thread for the moon. It called for Crescent Colors "Gingersnap" and instead I am using Weeks "Baby's Breath". I think it is a little more pink than it should be, and am starting to wonder if I should rip it all out and start over. Also the linen I am using is obviously blue instead of the khaki color the chart was stitched on. I think the blue is making my moon look even more pink. What do you think? Does anyone else have a go-to pretty color they use for moons? I actually have two other projects right now with moons in them (LK "Halloween Rules" and BC "Halloween House" and I have yet to find a white I really like.
And this is what has kept me so busy the last two weeks. End of school, and graduations, and getting ready for summer vacation. My littlest one graduated from preschool and will be going on to kindergarten next year. Also my oldest is switching schools next year, and it just seems like a lot of changes for our family. Good changes, but I will miss both of their previous schools. During preschool graduation they were talking about how she would be in the class of 2025, and wow that seems so far away and also way too soon.


Karen said...

What a cute little girl... kudos on her graduation.

Love that design on the fabric you chose. I think the moon color looks great!

happy stitching...

Anonymous said...

Congrats to your little girl.

I like the moon and the fabric. I have this one in my stash, I love it!

dulcinella said...

Looking from a distance i don't think at all your moon is too pink. And I like the blue fabric very much. Congrats to your little girl!

Gems said...

Oh doesnt she look an angel in her hat! you must be very proud of her,

Looking at your moon, it doesn't look at all pink to me, it looks creamy beige, I think you should just keep on stitching, it does look great on the blue, but I think if you chose the khaki colour the pink in the thread would have stood out more. Stick with it and if when you finish it then change it for your other Halloween charts that you have to stitch, only you will know if you like it or not in the end hun

Hope you are having a good weekend

natalyK said...

Great progress on Midnight watch! I don't think it's too pink but if you aren't happy with it go with your gut. My favorite color for moons is White Lightning by WDW. It has some silvery gray in it an I love it. Other options WDW- Whitewash, GAST - Oatmeal or Buttermilk, or CCT Bamboo, Tufted Yellow or Eggshell. Keep us posted on what you decide to do.

BTW--Love the blue fabric, great choice for a halloween piece.

Christina said...

I would keep on stitching, it doesn't look pink at all to me. I like that you have stitched it on blue - very brave! I have this chart in my stash and can't wait to stitch it!
My daughter also finishes pre-school this year. Here in the UK the academic year doesn't end until July 21st. I can't believe she will be starting reception class in September. Therevwill be many tears (from me!) in September!!!

Margit said...

Congratulations to your pretty little girl.

I love the blue color of your fabric. It's actually hard to tell with the moon for me because it always looks different in a picture. If it would be me, I would rather frog it right now and use a color I am 100% happy with.

Elizabeth Brotherton said...

I love the blue fabric. it looks fantastic. As far as the moon color--I really like it! From a distance it looks fantastic and to me has a nice peachy cast to it--not pink. It looks great with the blue fabric!

Congrats to your lovely little girl!

Can't wait to see your finish!

Brightest Blessings!

Beth B.

Linda said...

I love the blue fabric your using. I think the moon looks just fine. I would not change it. Congrats to the little one.


Jennifer M. said...

That is a pretty Halloween piece you are working on. Anything BBD is great! I don't think the moon looks pink at all. I'm thinking a moon should be a tad bit brighter but then again it is a BBD design. They don't use bright colors. I would leave it. The fabric is pretty too. :)


Jenny said...

I like the look of the moon and I love the color of the blue linen you picked.
If you really can't stand it, you should change it though (even though it sounds like most of us think that it looks fine).
I think that more of an orange moon would look great against the blue too.

Your girl looks absolutely precious! 2025... wow! LOL

Kate said...

I think the moon colour looks perfect with that fabric. This piece is going to look great when it is finished.

Catherine said...

What a sweet picture of your little girl!.,
From your picture, I think the moon looks fine, but if it's not hitting you, I'd say take it out and redo. Can't wait to see what you decide!

Lizzy Pizzy said...

Hi Stephanie, I have just popped over from the friendly stitches yahoo group and have enjoyed having a little browse around - love your bright and cheery colour choices.

Re your BBD moon, I have to buy most of my supplies via online stores, and in my experience CC, WDW and GAST threads are not guaranteed to be the colour specified on a pattern (even if the label says they are...). On my monitor your Baby's Breath moon looks great on the blue fabric.

BTW, I am up to a grand total of ONE finish from my CJC list - so you are doing well in my books :)

Liz of Oz x

Valentina said...

I like very much your stitching so far, I think the dark blue fabric is better for an Halloween piece, and I like the moon too.

Lei said...

I love the blue fabric you chose to stitch on. It works well with your pattern. I don't think your moon looks pink. Looks beige to me. Unfortunately I have no suggestions when it comes to thread choice. Go with your gut - it is rarely wrong.

Congrats to your little one. They grow up so fast. Enjoy this time while you can.