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Saturday, December 17, 2011

John Lennon = persona non grata in my house

At our house we have been playing non-stop Christmas music since before Thanksgiving. I can't help it, it's so cheerful and there's nothing inappropriate for little ears to hear. Well little did I know that Christmas music, specifically the John Lennon "Happy Christmas/War is over" could lead to a boat load of questions. As it was playing last week I mentioned that John Lennon was killed in December the year after mommy was born. I wish I had never said anything, I didn't think they were even listening. But of course instead, this led to the question of how/why/what happened??? And now every time it plays they re-ask me the whole story and are oddly/morbidly fascinated by it. And it is really hard to delicately explain "crazed gunman" to a child. We have even had to google/wikipedia it, because when I told my 8 year old I didn't know why she told me she was sure Google would know. So now that is the one song I wish they would stop playing on the radio, not that it's not a perfectly lovely song. Also the pic of John Lennon/Yoko Ono that is featured at the top of the wikipedia page on John Lennon, you know that famous one by Annie Leibovitz, while also lovely--not so appropriate for children.

And these two angels are part of the embarrassing number of Christmas ornaments I have started and will never ever finish all of this season. I love the simplicity of the two colors. I am using a Krienik gold thread for their halos/stars/belts, and a navy blue Weeks thread for their gowns instead of the traditional black. The top one is done/framed in a cute little frame I found in a thrift store for $2. The bottom one is an almost done WIP. My goal is to someday do all of them.

I hope all of you out there are having a "Happy Christmas" season.

P.s.... its 64 degrees here in Phx today, so if you can see snow from your window i'm a little bit jealous.


Mouse said...

ohhh bless ... mmm can't help you out on that one am afraid ... and well there is always next year for your angels ..lol love mouse xxxx

Andi said...

The angels are lovely! Our daughter's morbid fascination was with Alexander the Great...hubby watched a History Channel show that said he died of malaria, which we explained came from mosquito bites. A year later she was still drawing stick people covered in dots!

Tracey said...

Isn't it strange the things kids pick up on? I haven't gotten much stitching done either- though now that most of my Christmas prep is done I'll try to stitch when Ginger is sleeping. lol I'm jealous of snow too- it was in the 60's here today as well, and going to be 60's-70's thru Christmas. Last year we had snow the day after Christmas, which was nice, but caused the power to be out almost the entire day! :-O

Dani - tkdchick said...

Those PS angels are lovely in their simplicity!

Have a Merry Christmas!

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

Hi returning the following here.
I have a 9 year old boy and I totally understand the difficult explanations. I try to keep the newspapers and their sensationalism away from him but he has got to learn about the real world fairly soon!
A few years ago a little girl was taken from a holiday villa when her parents left her alone in the evening. There was an enormous amount about it in the media and it was really hard to explain to the kids.
The same goes for all the fundraising for children's hospitals and cancer charities.
Oh well, we do the best we can!
Looking forward to seeing more of your stitching in 2012.