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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Lucky Me!

Above is my very little progress on Red-White-Bloom. I'm thankful there's still a few more weeks in June to get this one done, my stitching mojo has slowed down a bit on it.

I have been having a lucky week on other people's blog giveaways though. I won Nataly's blogiversary giveaway, of Nataly's Needle Creations. Two cute charts and linen/thread to go with them. Congratulations Nataly on 1 year of blogging. I also won Marj's blog giveaway from the Eclectic Quilter, which was a cute little knick-knack bag in the prettiest blues/pink. Now I think I may have to have my own blog giveaway, since I have received so many wonderful things from other peoples. Details next week (i'll have to work something up first! I have a cute idea in mind).

And this is my oldest stitching away on one of her own projects. It's a Hello Kitty purse, out of a kit from Jo-Ann's. The kit said for ages 6 years and older, well she's eight and let me tell you some of the directions confused even her 30-something mom. But she really liked all the sewing involved, all the pieces were whip-stitched together with yarn, so that was easy enough for her to do on her own.
And these are some pics of my growing garden. This is my pumpkin patch. I have one little tiny pumpkin started already. The bud is a little bigger than a quarter. The vines on these things grown at least a foot a day, it's awesome to watch.

And this is my desert flower garden, lantana and bougainvillea. The hotter it gets here the more they bloom. And the lantana will eventually spread and cover the whole bed, while the bougainvillea will grow up and cover my lovely block wall fence.
And this is a misplaced sunflower growing on one of the fern planters on my porch. In front of the porch we planted a bed of sunflowers (see below), and I think little hands may have strayed and planted an extra seed amongst the ferns. These are the rest of my sunflower seedlings. Eventually these will grow to be 6 ft tall (I hope). They are already growing really quick, they've only been in the ground about a week now.
Thank you everyone who answered my over-one question. I love to look at (ok drool over) everyone else's lovely/gorgeous/sparkly-beaded Mirabilia finishes. But every single time I would puzzle over why/how they stitched the faces over one. It makes sense now, though i'm not sure I am brave enough to ever try it.

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Mouse said...

oh well done on the stitching and also on your wee one doing some too *VBG* love your flowers and so glad the answers to your question made sense ..lol.. and congrats on your wins :) love mouse xxxx